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In 3 easy steps you'll have an affordable, up to date, legally compliant employee handbook.


           Step 1: Download your questionnaire.


                       Step 2: Submit your completed questionnaire.


                                 Step 3: View your completed handbook.



Step 1: Download a Questionnaire

Click below to download the questionnaire in Word format and SAVE to a location on your computer.  Fill out the questionnaire at your convenience


Step 2: Submit your completed Questionnaire

When you are finished filling out your questionnaire, return to http://www.ers-co.com and click the "Submit your Completed Questionnaire" botton on the home page.  Fill out the form and upload your saved questionnaire as an attachment.  When you are finished, click "Submit".


Step 3: View your Completed Handbook

After we receive your completed questionnaire, you will receive an email requesting payment.  You may pay by check, Paypal, or by major credit card.  Within 3 - 4 weeks you will be alerted by email when your handbook is ready for your review.  Return to http://www.ers-co.com and click the "View Your Completed Handbook" button on the home page.


Within 90 days of receiving access to the initial handbook, you will need to indicate any changes which need to be incorporated.  Simply call one of team members and we'll go through your changes with you or fax your changes to 440.740.2155.

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